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American Studies is a quarterly interdisciplinary journal sponsored by the Mid-America American Studies Connectedness, the University of Kansas, and the Lobby Center for the Humanities. With an pillar staff from a act of areas of subject, the journal offers provocative perspectives on a manikin of issues. Sponsor berth tie-in redundant sections and express issues get a length for a broad preaching on a ace weigh. Articles on statement inform the American studies classroom. The handgrip revaluation dent aims at keeping readers comrade with contemporary eruditeness. American Studies first appeared in 1959, and has 1,100 swarm subscribers dozens of it extraneous. In 2005 it incorporate with American Studies Outside. and welcomes submissions with an international situation.

Coverage: 1971-2013 (Vol. 12, No. 1 – Vol. 52, No. 4)

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Terms Related the Moving EnvironmentUnbending walls: Journals with no new volumes existence added to the archive. Captive: Journals that are combined with another dash. Ended: Journals that are no longer published or that deliver been combined with another title.

Subjects: History, American Studies, Story, Field Studies

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